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12th July
12:02 pm

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Fido City and the Temple of Saint Juliard

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32 years of the Emmery Awards – the best is yet to come.

This month, starting July 16th, brings the island the event that has put us on the map for more than three decades. The Emmery Awards will return to our shores, forests, and banquette halls once again, bringing with it over four hundred of the world’s most eminent leaders, scholars, and philosophers. The first class planners of Costa Fido remain full of energy and the spark to make this event more thrilling than the last.

Lets take a wander through history at some of the highlights and thrills from over the years over.

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We promise that every stay on our island will transform you into a cool, clear, and calm person, leaving your ready to take on the world again by the time you leave us. To get the best out of the island, here’s some information for you beforehand.

Fido City has heritiage streets that we're quite proud of